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The following are useful things for calculus. You will need to right click on the links and either Save Link As ... or (for MSIE) Save Target As ...

The Calculus I book (PDF format) All updated for Fall 2017. Size: 1736185 bytes.
Zipped version of Calculus I book This is the identical Calculus 1 text, but zipped. It is slightly smaller, so it might download a small amount faster. Note that the Asbury firewall sometimes gets twitchy downloading zip files. Size: 1653783 bytes.
The Calculus II book (PDF format This is the updated calculus II text, for Spring 2018. Already! Size: 2185738 bytes.
Zipped version of Calculus II book This is the identical calculus II text, but zipped for slightly faster downloads, but again, the Asbury firewall can get grumpy about downloading zip files. Size: 2090784 bytes.
Taylor series animation using Maple. Very slick, even if I did write it myself. :) But it is LARGE, so beware downloading it. Size: 27458436 bytes.

The following item is for more advanced mathematics, specifically for Dr. Coulliette's upper-level courses. Download instructions are the same.

My LaTeX guide: A Running Introduction to LaTeX; useful for getting started with LaTeX, which every mathematician needs to know.